It is possible to check-in during the opening hours of the Reception and immediately use the village services.
The balance of the stay may be requested upon arrival.
Housing delivery is guaranteed from 5:00 pm.
Arrivals after 8:00 pm are accepted by prior arrangement with the Front Desk.
Management reserves the right to ask for a security deposit upon arrival.


Accommodations are to be vacated necessarily by 10:00 a.m.; for RVs and tents by 11:00 a.m.
Payment for extras should be made when the keys are returned to Reception.
Those who need to leave before the opening hours of our offices must arrange payment with the Front Desk to be made by 7:00 p.m. the day before departure.
LATE CHECK-OUT is available. , delayed departure (subject to availability to be checked the day before departure with the Reception staff) at the cost of the daily guest rate for tent and RV pitches, while for all other accommodations the cost is 30 percent of the last night’s amount, which includes lodging available until 6 p.m.
The cost is a one-time fee that does not vary depending on the hours spent in the camp.


As far as entertainment is concerned, in certain periods and on the occasion of some events it may happen that music and shows end after midnight (August 15th), otherwise the entertainment will normally be active from 9am until midnight: 00.

The badge and the gates

At Check-in you will be given a badge that will be useful during your stay.
You will use it to open the pedestrian gate and driveway gates if you would like to use the indoor paid parking lot.
The system is very simple: if you are outside the village, it will be enough to touch the blue light of the sensor located 3 meters before the gate on the left side once with the badge.
If you are inside you do not need the badge, you will need to press the red button placed 3 meters before the gate on the left side.
We recommend that you wait a few seconds and allow the gate to open.
Vehicles are not allowed to enter from midnight to 6:00 a.m. while exit is always allowed. The pedestrian gate is enabled for all clients, and the sensor is located near the gate on the right side.
If you are inside you do not need the badge, you will need to press the white button located near the gate on the right side.
Entry and exit from the pedestrian gate is always allowed.

Housing information

Bungalows are masonry lodgings , equipped with bathroom, set of towels and bed linen included , kitchen, TV, air conditioning,90 LT refrigerator(no freezer) and outdoor veranda.
N.B Some bungalows are equipped with a kitchenette.

The mobile homes are equipped with bathroom, bath and bed linen set included , kitchen, air conditioning ,90LT refrigerator(no freezer) and outdoor veranda with table, chair and clothesline.
N.B there is no TV.

Lodge Tents are equipped tents with kitchenette , 90LT refrigerator(no freezer), bathroom, outdoor veranda, sun beds and a table.
NB linen set and bathroom on request for a fee, there is no air conditioning or TV.

Tukuls are wooden cottages with an area of 12sqm, some of them are equipped with a bathroom and 90LT refrigerator(without freezer), others only have beds and closet.
N.B bedding and towels set on request at extra charge. There is no TV or air conditioning but only a ceiling fan.

Accommodation cleaning is the responsibility of the guest, who is required to return the accommodation clean and tidy.
If the customer wishes, cleaning can be performed by our staff.
In this case the service is charged with the understanding that the cleaning of the kitchenette and dishes is always the responsibility of the customer.
Each accommodation is equipped with a table, chairs and clothesline.
Linens (sheets and towels) are provided in the bungalows and mobile homes with weekly change. CAUTION: Overfilling is not recommended for proper operation of the refrigerator.

Use of air conditioning in the bungalows:

1) Close the front door
2) Press the switch with the black circle on the side of the door.
3) Activate the system by pressing the pink button on the remote control.
CAUTION: Opening the door automatically turns off the air conditioning.

Information on camper and tent pitches:

Hot showers are free of charge.
A push-button panel is located at the entrance to the bathrooms, to operate operate the hot shower select the number corresponding to the chosen shower compartment.
Hot water will be available for 6 minutes.


Spinnaker restaurant-pizzeria offers traditional Sardinian and Italian dishes and excellent pizza.
Breakfast, half board and full board services are available at our restaurant.
Breakfast 08:00 – 10:00
Lunch 12:30 – 2:30 p.m. (August only)
Dinner 7:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
To make reservations, please contact the following number : 3287388000.

Breakfast: includes one coffee or milk or cappuccino or tea or chocolate + cold milk + fruit juice + still and sparkling water + 1 natural croissant + tart + corn flakes + bread + rusk + yogurt + butter + jam.

Half-board: starts in the evening and includes dinner (which includes a first course of land or sea, a second course of land or sea with side dish, seasonal fruit, ½ liter of water and ¼ liter of wine per person) and breakfast.

In August, it is possible to substitute dinner for lunch by prior arrangement with the restaurant at least one day in advance.
Full board (August only): starts in the evening and includes dinner, breakfast and lunch.
Dinner and lunch include one first course of land or sea, one second course of land or sea with side dish, seasonal fruit, ½ liter of water and ¼ liter of wine per person.
It is possible to start the stay with lunch instead of dinner by prior arrangement with the restaurant at least one day in advance.
Clients who start their stay with dinner end it with lunch.
Clients who start their stay with lunch end it with breakfast.
Breakfast, half board and full board meals not consumed are non-refundable.

Beach and pool

At the pool and beach, sunbeds and umbrellas are not assigned to guests, their use is free and casual, and please do not occupy them with personal items in your absence.
The swimming pool can be used at designated times and it is mandatory to shower before entering the water.
Diving and playing ball both in the water and on the sides of the water is strictly prohibited.
It is strictly forbidden to occupy the deck chairs/umbrellas at the pool and beach with personal items in order to keep the place occupied in your absence.

Animals (dogs and cats)

They are allowed in bungalows, tukul, camping area (tents and campers) while in mobile homes and lodge tent with prior permission of the management.
They are not allowed on the beach or at the pool.
All dogs must be leashed and muzzled.
Owners should equip themselves with dustpans and bags for cleaning up any needs of their pets.
For information about the Dog Beach 1 km away from us, please contact Reception.

Emergency numbers

Carabinieri: 112 Via Felice Loffredo, 09170 Oristano Police:113 Via Beatrice D’Arborea, 4, 09170 Oristano
Fire Department: 115 Via del Porto, 8, 09170 Oristano
Forest Guard: 1515 Via Curreli,6, 09170 Oristano
Coast Guard: 1530 Industrial Port Location, 09096 Santa Giusta
Ambulance: 118
Oristano Medical Guard: +39 (0) 783 303373
Via Giosuè Carducci, 33, 09170 Oristano OR
Hours: 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.
San Martino Hospital: 07833171 Rockefeller Foundation Avenue, 09170 Oristano