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Musical Evening

On 23 July at 9.30 pm there will be a musical evening with Mariano Tunerani in the Spinnaker animation square.

Giants of Mont’e Prama

Statues from past times These monumental giants are part of the findings carried out in the archaeological area of Mont’e Prama near Cabras, in the heart of the Sinis peninsula, just a few kilometres from Oristano. These large statues are the only ones dating back to the Nuraghic period, and can be admired at both [...]

Oristano: the most famous beaches

Visitors to Oristano have a wide selection of beaches to visit; the majority are large and rarely busy, making them ideal for families and groups of friends who love to have fun and enjoy themselves. Is Arutas This enchanting beach was recently named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is without [...]