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Oristano: the most famous beaches

Visitors to Oristano have a wide selection of beaches to visit; the majority are large and rarely busy, making them ideal for families and groups of friends who love to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Is Arutas

This enchanting beach was recently named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is without doubt one of the most renowned, esteemed and enrapturing parts of the coastline in the Oristano region. A genuine pearl of the municipality of Cabras, Is Arutas is notable for the presence of grains of quartz and of rare, sparkling chrome. The water quickly becomes quite deep and the sea clear, a true paradise for anyone who loves water sports such as surfing or snorkelling.

San Giovanni di Sinis

This is a lengthy sandy shore, around 4 km in length, formed of very fine white sand. As on the majority of beaches on this stretch of coastline, it is best to bring your own deckchairs, umbrellas and provisions. Refreshments can be found a few minutes away but not immediately in the vicinity.

Is Arenas

The pearl of Narbolia: 6 km of amber sand peppered with pebbles and seashells. The shore is vast and the sea is emerald green. The wonderful pine forest and the extensive sand dunes that appear there make Is Arenas one of Sardinia’s protected areas of natural beauty.

This is a real-life corner of paradise, quiet and relaxing and particularly loved by keen surfers and windsurfers. Despite being surrounded by nature in its most uncorrupted form, Is Arenas is a beach well-equipped with parking, refreshments and some areas set aside for sports.


The beach takes its name from the enormous rock arch that dominates the site. The beach is not particularly large but is often busy due to its range of convenient services and its shallow waters, which allow families with children to play freely in the sea. The village comes right up to the shoreline and enjoys gorgeous views, especially of the sun setting enchantingly over the sea.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the large Torregrande beach, the unique Mari Ermi and many others… We await your visit!