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Giants of Mont’e Prama

Statues from past times

These monumental giants are part of the findings carried out in the archaeological area of Mont’e Prama near Cabras, in the heart of the Sinis peninsula, just a few kilometres from Oristano.

These large statues are the only ones dating back to the Nuraghic period, and can be admired at both the Archaeological Museum of Cagliari and within the Civic Museum of Cabras along with many other findings originating from the same archaeological area.

The renowned Area of Mont’e Prama is situated just a few kilometres from the campsite, as well as excavations sites and ongoing research.

These wonderful and impressive statues have all been made from a single stone block and weigh up to 400 kg

The statues depict boxers, archers or warriors all characterised by marked features and large eyes with two concentric circles, symbolising power and magic.

This is an international event that incorporates the whole Mediterranean basin.

Within the exhibitions you can enjoy interacting with an advanced multimedia system, making explanations more exciting for both children and adults.